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The SUV has become the master of the multi-purpose vehicle; it is a jack of all trades, with stylish appearances that inspire fun and adventure. The real meaning of SUV is all about being able to go almost anywhere, for getting out and enjoying life. It is a vehicle that is suited to outdoor leisure pursuits combined with everyday practicality.

SUVs have pushed the limits of vehicle use to combine the mundane with the extraordinary. They’re ideal for family jaunts, bike rides, skiing, surfing and outdoor pursuits. You can get off the beaten track thanks to their higher clearance and better visibility. And so their scope for adventure is therefore greater. And of course, they’re also very handy for going to the DIY store and doing the school run too. And it’s that go-anywhere capacity which inspires driving confidence when you’re in an SUV.

So, when looking to buy an SUV you're not just updating your vehicle, you're also upgrading your lifestyle. And the Suttons SUV sale is the perfect opportunity to find your next vehicle as well as your next adventure. Hurry, as stock is limited and the sale must end soon!

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10 reasons

Why your next car should be an SUV:


Great all-round family car

Transport all the family and associated paraphernalia with ease.


Modern design and style

There’s no denying that the SUV is a wildly popular vehicle to own and drive.


High driving position

A little more height really makes a difference in road visibility.


Interior space

With up to seats 7 seats in some models, plus easy getting in and out, the SUV is great for people moving.


Luggage and towing capacity

From bikes to boards, and beds to big trailers, you can fit it in, on, or behind most SUVs with no problem.


High road clearance

Get to the beach, into the forest or fields. The SUV offers better off-road capacity than a regular vehicle.


Winter driving

In slippery conditions such as wet roads, snow and ice, the 4x4 capacity on relevant models can definitely come in handy, especially in the country.


Fuel economy

Modern SUVs feature the most up-to-date technology to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.


Ideal hybrid vehicle

With the weight of a battery and electric motor the construction of the SUV is ideal for hybrid and electric vehicles.


10 brands available

Suttons SUV sale includes the majority of the most popular SUV models available all from our conveniently located Sydney dealerships.