Finance & Insurance


Suttons specialise in providing convenient and competitive vehicle finance. Across our motor dealerships, we helped our customers borrow more than $250 million in the 2016-17 financial year to pay for their vehicle purchases. We have arranged tailored finance packages for our vehicle buyers for over forty years, and it is this experience that our dealership business managers rely on day-to-day. We specialise in providing vehicle finance for both cars and trucks that are purchased by both individuals and business entities.
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What we offer
Our specialised dealership finance products allow flexibility for all Suttons customers. Finance terms and structures can be tailored to allow a customer to own their vehicle sooner or lower their weekly repayments depending on the individual's current situation. Our loyal Suttons customers that purchase a second or subsequent vehicle can benefit from the flexible rollover arrangements that our finance staff can offer.


Each of our dealerships is a one stop shop for buying, financing and insuring a vehicle. Suttons has access to one of the world's largest insurance providers and our motor insurance policy is specifically designed for your car purchase and has inclusions that an individual would not be able to qualify for independently. The insurance portfolio of our business is sizeable and we collect over $1m of insurance premiums per month.

Contact us for a free quote

You can obtain a no obligation free quotation for insurance for your current vehicle by contacting your nearest Suttons dealership location. Our finance and insurance staff may offer and recommend other insurance products including loan protection cover, loss of job cover and more.
Our professional business managers welcome your enquiry and look forward to helping you with your next car or truck purchase.